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Maintenance goalkeeper gloves

Maintaining your gloves
If only they existed: gloves that last forever. Unfortunately, such foam has not yet been invented. Still, you can make the grip and your gloves last longer than average in general. In this blog we give you some tips!

The right size
It may sound cliché, but it is very important that your gloves are the right size. They should not be too big (then the foam on the hand can tear more easily), but also certainly not too small (then you can tear the fingers from the glove). Just try on the gloves when buying. Our experts are here for you! In this size chart you can also find the right size online.
Wash before (the first) use
Pre-wash the gloves well (12-24 hours) before first use. Wet them well inside with lukewarm water, so that the grip is optimal from the first training. This is especially important with the Aquafoam gloves.

After this, you can moisten your gloves with lukewarm water before each use. Do this an hour to two hours before use, otherwise they are too wet and that is not good for your grip.

Wash after training
You know. You have been training on grass (read: mud) and your gloves are covered in sand after training. It is very important that you wash your gloves with lukewarm water at home. Make sure to rinse all the sand out of the foam. If sand remains in the foam, this is not only bad for the life of the glove, it is also very bad for the grip. You will undoubtedly also notice this during training / competition. Always take a towel and a water bottle with you in your goal, so that you keep the foam (reasonably) clean during goalkeeping.

Storing your gloves
The way you store your gloves is also very important for maintaining the grip and the life of the foam. We recommend that after washing the glove, keep the gloves on a towel, with the palm facing the towel. You can fold the towel if necessary, but make sure the gloves can "breathe", so you can be sure they don't get moldy. Never put the gloves on the heater and never put them with the palm facing the light. UV light is extremely harmful to the foam.

Never put your gloves in the washing machine or dryer.
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